Saturday, February 20, 2010


Well, I am still lounging around the house, but I actually sat out on the front porch for a few hours while my mommy weeded the flower garden. It felt so nice outside. Weird how just a few days ago it was snowing, and it was sticking. That never happens, but today I think I saw the light at the end of the tunnel: I will be able to eat solid foods again in my lifetime and spring will come! :) Anyone check out the links I posted about Holland?? I looked over them but I am about to spend a few min/hours doing research. I love research! I might even have the urge to write some sort of report on it. haha, maybe not that dedicated but, I think it's interesting. Well, hopefully I will be able to go to church tomorrow. Probably not tomorrow morning but I'm gonna to shoot for tomorrow night, at least for Bible study. I hope every one's had a great weekend!
P.S.- I Do NOT like the medicine Lortab. It makes me dizzy, nauseous, and sleepy. :( I think I'll stick with Motrin; I can deal with the pain.

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