Wednesday, May 19, 2010


hello everyone. I am writing you from my sisters laptop and I must say that it makes this feel a little more personal, like I am writing in the middle of my life instead of taking time out of my day specifically to write on my blog. needless to say, I like this better. :) I'm happy today. If I had a myspace I would make my mood "happy". :) Today it's bright and sunny outside and I have nothing to plant and no canvas to paint on. that's sad because I like theses days when there's not much school to do and the rest of my day is open and free. Only today I folded clothes and watch TV till dinner time and now I'm watching TV again and writing to you. So, a pretty uneventful, but good, none-the-less. :) speaking of planting, I like gardening, just like I talked about before in one of my lasts posts.yes, so, here are some pictures:

blue chair!!

You all know about my little fetish with bottles and jars. Are you really surprised, then, to see this picture??
cutie little garden house. Look closely at those pots hanging on the sides of the house. SO CUTE!!!

Pretty lanterns!

I just like looking at pictures, so I thought you would too. :) Have a wonder-filled day....

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