Sunday, May 9, 2010


single white female?? no. single white fan. yes.his name's Jason Spires and happens to be a really good friend of my youth pastor, Andrew Hester. Jason Spires is from Tuscaloosa, Alabama and is looking for an NFL team to cheer for. He roots for the LA Dodgers, Los Angeles Lakers, and, duh, the University of Alabama, but, he has no National football team to love. So to fix his problem, he put an ad,

(actual ad)

in the, (Tuscaloosa News??) paper and created a blog to get people to give him suggestions on what team he should call his own in the NFL world. So far he has gotten lots and lots of feedback and, as far as I can tell, is now trying to decide between the Arizona Cardinals and the Kansas City Chiefs. Now, please don't read me wrong on this. I know nothing about National football. College football?? a little bit. The only thing I know about the Cardinals is that they're in Arizona and likewise about the Chiefs. (i don't even know if Jason Spires knows much about them. after-all, he's just now deciding to pick a team and stick with them.) I just thought this was one of the most hilarious things I had ever heard of. I had to research it. So I did, and I found him and now I know I will have to follow him till he picks a team. Not follow him like stalk him but follow him, on his blog. you should too.

This makes me think, I should do something like this to bring recognition to my blog! But, I can think of nothing cool enough to do. :( Oh well. I hope you liked this post! I thought it was really nifty.

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