Friday, June 11, 2010

{the first of many summer dinners}

we had a yummy dinner: grilled chicken breasts,
look at those grill marks! :0

fresh and crunchy green beans,

smothered down squash and zucchini,

with an onion,

and a side salad.
{perfect} summer dinner

*and cyndi came home last night! Around 11:00 or-so, I was making popcorn, about to curl up and watch a movie, when I heard a knock on the garage door. I expected it to be daddy and Brantley because they had just taken the dog out to go to the bathroom and I figured they were done and coming inside. Boy was I surprised when it was Cyndi's face I saw!! :) I screamed! yes, I screamed! I was so happy! So we woke mommy up and she told us about her camp experiences, yada-yada..... then we went out for coffee! of course, you know me, I don't like coffee, so I got a grande strawberries and creme from Starbucks. :)Remember when I said I had a craving for a strawberry milkshake in one of my last posts?? Well, craving over. It was the perfect night! :)
and the perfect snack!

hazelnut-chocolate spread= heaven on earth

perfect vessel for heaven on earth

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