Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I really like postcards.

I saw this particular postcard on flickr twice, so I knew I had to post it.

embroidered....i like it.

this is an actual photo transformed into a postcard. I need to learn that art! but first, I probably need a good camera.

and this is a special e-postcard sent by a woman named Moa to another woman named Shannon. They met over the Internet and have become friends! how cool! Moa lives in Sweden, Shannon lives in Minnesota. Take a look at their blog! They communicate through blog posts so we get to see everything! :) (it's not nosy when you really think about it.) online postcards= genius!

speaking of writing.....

or if we weren't speaking of writing, we are now.

Mysterious Letters

just read the blog, follow the links, and you'll understand why this is so neat.

hey, that rhymed. :)

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