Thursday, June 10, 2010

can you say "craving"???
I have been non-stop since 7:36 this morning. It would have been earlier if my "oh-so-reliable" alarm clock would have worked like it was supposed to. We had to be at my maw maw's at 8:30 to clean and then right after had to be at the church for the homeless lunch. After that we headed to a friends house to paint the set for VBS this coming week and then we went to the Brown House for the Thursday Night Thing. And if that wasn't enough we went to the Capstone softball game, which they lost. I did get Krispey Kreme donuts out of the whole deal
On a happier note, almost all the blogs I'm following have new posts! yay! It makes me so happy to read new things everyday. That's why I try and post everyday because I just know there is someone out there like me who loves to read something new everyday, or twice a day like me. :)
Ah, well I hope you all had a wonderfilled day! nite-nite!
P.S.- did anyone notice I change my blog template again?? :) it's like a bad habit. I can't stop!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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