Monday, August 16, 2010

deep thinkin'.

Hello there!
I'm reading this book right now called Velvet Elvis. It was given to my sister by our former youth pastor and he said it was great! I'm not exactly sure she actually read it though....

The book is written by Rob Bell, you know the guy from the NOOMA videos?? I love him! He brings God's word across in such an understandable, yet thought-provoking, way. So that's what I mean by "deep thinkin'". It's actually kind of confusing at times, but more than that, it challenges the way you've ever thought about the Bible. I'm on the 2nd chapter right now, so when I catch a break, I'll try and explain a little of what I've learned to yall. If I can even put it into words.... haha!

I'm also reading I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris. I'm reading it because it influenced my sister's first view of dating, in a super-positive way, and I really like the way she was going to go about the dating scene. So, I'm reading the book, and so far I really like it!

And I'm reading my Bible, which is interesting and mysterious at times. Right now, I'm reading in 1 Kings, about King Solomon and how wise he was and the book of John with my youth group. :)

And when I'm done with those....except for the Bible.....I'm going to start Radical by David Platt. Mommy's reading it right now, and says it's very thought provoking, kinda like Velvet Elvis! :)

Even though I haven't actually finished reading any of them (including my Bible :/) I would recommend them all to you! Go, find time to read, read, read!

And have a lovely day everyone! :)

p.s.-- the picture is of jordyn.....with some of her many, many books.

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