Wednesday, September 15, 2010

oh, just another day,

around here.
My mom got an email yesterday from our homeschool coordinator. The lady was sending out our normal e-newsletter which includes different class opportunities, honor student programs and such as that for us homeschoolers. I was scrolling down the letter when I saw a writing publishing opportunity. I followed the link to the Homeschool Literary Quarterly (I know you're laughing now) and I became very interested in what the program was. Basically, it's an online magazine for homeschool students to submit any of their work (fiction, non-fiction, and poetry). So, I submitted my story on John 8:1-11. I got so much positive feedback from my friends and my family on it that I thought, why not! :) I'm hoping they like it enough to publish it. If they do, trust me, you'll be one the first to know. ;) The very first edition of the HLQ will be published December of this year, and I'm hoping I'll be published with it! :) They're also looking for student interns, whom they'll be choosing after the first 4 editions of HLQ have been published. I'm not exactly sure what the job of the intern would be, but I would love to have it! haha!
Anyway, so this has petty much been the highlight of my night/day. I am so excited!
Happy Wedneday!

Edit: I also sent in my story on 1 Kings 18: 18-39. We'll see how it goes. ;)

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