Saturday, November 6, 2010

50 things about me:

in order to complete my 101 list,  i need to make a '50 things about me' list. just for the heck of it.

  1. i have naturally curly hair (funny, thats the first thing i think of)
  2. i love to write
  3. i love watching movies
  4. my favorite number is 4
  5. i listen mainly to country music and hymns
  6. i like to garden
  7. i like fresh veggies
  8. but i also really like red meat- the jucier the better
  9. i like science
  10. i hate math
  11. i have a mother who is obsessed with disney world
  12. i wish i had photography skills like this girl, but i dont
  13. i want to be a traveling evangelist, but i dont like that title. lets call it a Jesus Wiggle Worm. :)
  14. i would also like to be a writer. more specifically, a novelist. but i kinda maybe also want to be a nurse. who knows what i'll end up being.
  15. christmas is my favorite holiday. i like the warm fuzzy feelin it gives me. :)
  16. i wish street musicians would play christian hymns or old gospel songs so we could all worship together in new york city.
  17. i also kinda wish i could play the guitar and sing so i could initiate the singing in the city.
  18. i really like this '+' sign. :) ++++++++++++++++++++
  19. i like coffe! or, i like creamer, with coffee ;)
  20. i like to dance, fast not slow
  21. i love romantic comedys
  22. i dont like horror films, or scary movies
  23. the night before my wedding, me+my friends+my mommy are all gonna watch 'Father of the Bride' and eat popcorn and ice cream, and stay in our pajamas till 10:00 the next mornin.
  24. i want a lace wedding dress
  25. i love to cook
  26. i want a kitchen aid mixer
  27. i like real japanese food best (p.s.-- i can write my name in japanese!)
  28. i like natural hair color best, not dyed stuff
  29. i think im a little too blunt
  30. when i listen to dierks bentley or george strait or alan jackson, i want to go to mexico.
  31. i like to emboider!
  32. i am the middle child
  33. i look just like my aunt liz, and my g-mother, becky
  34. my hair is thick, like really (is this the 3rd thing ive said about my hair???)
  35. i want to foster children when i grow up
  36. i think fostering bridges that gap in between 'unsafe or unwanted' and 'settled'. I also think, what if i'm the only way this child will ever hear about Jesus.
  37. i like ribbons in hair
  38. i like flip flops best
  39. i dont usually wear jewlery, only my purity ring
  40. i dont sleep well, so i take melatonin.
  41. i like crafts
  42. i used to go to school. till third grade. 2nd grade was my favorite!
  43. i lived in illinois for 7 months! ooooh.
  44. i like summer/spring/fall. not really winter, unless the summer was really hot.
  45. i like rompers
  46. i like candles, although im not allowed to have any in my room, because i might set something on fire
  47. im not competitive
  48. i think i could be amish, except for their religion
  49. i like magic card tricks and illusions. you can easily entertain me with those
  50. the '50s is my favorite decade. :)
so there ya go. 50 things about me. I guess if you want to know more, email me! :)

and now just some saturday inspiration:

garden in the city
stone house in portugal
pretty bread truck
wooden tea cup
neat pic-a-ture
stripe-y chair
sugar pot from japan

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