Sunday, November 7, 2010


i am sitting on my couch, in my pjs, with the lap top in my lap and I am quite comfortable at the moment. :)
church was so good this morning. pastor bill talked about worry. i needed that. i worry alot. i think the main reason i worry, is because i think alot. about worst-case-scenario possibilities. instead, as soon as a thought like that pops into my head, i need to pray about it, and give it to Him. because he wants to hear m heart, not what i want in my heart. he wants me to tell him what im thinking at that moment. i need to learn to do that. :)

and while i'm thinking about it, this is the cutest engagement story ever!

i'm starting a 'wedding file' on my computer. here, i will store all creative ideas and diys for my wedding/engagement shoot/showers. :) this makes me verrrrrry happy!

i think thats it for sunday! see ya tomorrow :)

p.s.-- super cool guest book idea:

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