Wednesday, November 10, 2010


just some creative inspirations tonight.

etsy romper

etsy necklace

chalk board paint to the extreme


and now I will talk about church tonight. we watched about an hour and a half of The Passion of the Christ. Can I just say dat DATS MY JESUS! (i promise i'm not ghetto. :)) When he stomped that snake, it was all i could do to not start cheering. But. I was cheering in my heart. so was kenna, because she leaned over and said, "this is my favorite part." :) And I realized something about this world, my life, ect. My battle is not against flesh and blood. It's against satan and his demons, the real people we can't see. I thought it was really neat how satan was constantly walkin around while all this was happenin to Jesus, and Jesus knew he was there. He knew the whole time that it wasn't the romans who he was up against, he was up against the the fella who had power over them: satan. That explains why he said ,"for they dont know what they're doing." in regards to the romans. so, now i have a new outlook on life. i like when that happens. it keeps everthing fresh. :)
and I love how I can talk like this on the world-wide-webby. nothings holdin me back!

I hope you had a great day too! Whatever you were doing! :)
happy veterans day!

*And I've been dreaming about running a B&B later in life.

with lights on at night like this house. :)

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