Monday, November 29, 2010

crazy, edible goodness....

today, while browsing the web, I have come across quite a few recipes I want to try.
please enjoy. :)

-mushroom crepe cake (this looks like heaven to me, seriously)-- Smitten Kitchen

-reeses cake ( no photo available, but it's gorgeous, believe me.)-- vanilla sugar

-reuben calzones (again, no photo, but so yummy.)-- vanilla sugar

-italian bread  (daddy really wants me to make this)-- Smitten Kitchen

-mixed mushroom soup (i guess i'm really in the mood for some shrooms, ain't??)-- 101 Cookbooks 

-raw tuscan kale salad  (really, reeeeally want to try this!)-- 101 Cookbooks

most of these seem warm and cozy, like winter meals. which is good, because it's finally decided to get cold around here! :)

hope you're having a great day! i am, just doing school and laundry. :)

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