Friday, November 5, 2010


recycled leather notebooks

still life from chicago home + garden  i would love to cover my plain, white desk in pictures and postcards, like this!

j crew wedding dress   ( i think it would look even better covered in lace with silk flowers and ribbon!)  
floral tangerine dream dress      p.s.--ruche even has eco-friendly clothing!

old navy dress     p.s.-- I have it!

anthro kinship blouse    p.s.-- i was goin to share my favorite anthro blouse, the high tea blouse. but, its no longer available. this blouse is a little bit like it, but not as pretty. oh well. such is life. (i would've never gotten up the courage to buy the high tea blouse anyway..haha)

hope you were inspired. or, maybe you just enjoyed the last minute or so of your life, while you looked at some of my favorite things. :)
have a great day!

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