Sunday, December 19, 2010

i'm so ready for this!


of course, I'm talkin about CHRISTMAS! Are you ready?!?!
I have been working on some Christmas presents that I'll think everyone will like. I'll give ya some DIYs after Christmas because one of my family members might see it! ;)
This morning was our Christmas service at Capstone and I was in the drama. It went very well! I remembered all my lines which, as you know, I have difficulty with. :) But not this time! I finally was like, I'm not goin to worry, my God will supply all me needs ( and lines!). :)
I'm finally out of school! I hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas break.

and a little linky love:

pretty barn doors, indoors!

i cant get enough of hanging lights

cute DIY advent calender (although it's a little late this year. :))

i want printed tape!

wine bottle light project (SO trying this. give me your leftover wine bottles please. :))

++ a neat website I found. :)

Have a very Merry Christmas everyone. :)

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