Tuesday, January 11, 2011

back to school.

today we started the second semester of this school year. :( sad.
but, it went well, and i've been done for quite a while. :) happy.

how has your day been so far??
Hopefully it's been good, but if not...

 camping outside. sigh.
 she's a little late, but j.crew spring '11. whoo-hoo!
 i would love to see this riding down my street.
 someone please do this!
 this should be hanging in someones (mine) kitchen.
 a pie in a jar?!?! yes, please.
 surely everyone has heard about these, right??
 love confetti pictures!
 i really do love gold balloons
 cute valentine's etsy set!

i hope this made your day just a bit brighter! :)
i love you all, and good day. :)

(photo credit: vonwormer)


Anonymous said...

I loved the pie in a jar idea! We should do that sometime... And the bike... AWESOME! Also... The confetti! Definitely need to do that sometime soon... Maybe a birthday?...

Shelby Grace said...

yes we should!

and confetti...who has a birthday coming up?? ;)