Monday, January 31, 2011

please, send me.

last night i read a chapter in psalms that was perfect for me: it told me that God would comfort me when I was sick. I went to bed last night with a sore throat, and I woke up with none. When I woke up and swallowed a few times to see it it was still hurting, i couldn't feel anything! in my head i was saying, "I'm healed! I'm healed!"
isnt that funny? I was healed of a cold by God, when I could've just taken meds.
Then, there are people out there, somewhere, dying of things with no meds, and they don't know God to call on him for healing.
The problem isn't not having meds to help people with preventable diseases. It's people not knowing God, and therefore not being able to call on Him to heal them.
That's where we come in. Or, should come in. But we don't come in. Why not??

I don't think that question can be fairly answered for every american or Godly people group. I think it can only be answered personally, because God has called us all to different things and different places.
Right now, I really feel called to New York. But I can't go, OBVIOUSLY! This kills me, because I'm restless here in my hometown, at my church, and in my house. Nothing is satisfying me other than my Bible at night. Maybe that's where God wants me right now. A place where I am only at ease and completely happy in my bed, reading my Bible, and writing love-letters to Him.
Where are you right now?
Where should you be right now?
Are you even able to go there??
I'm not.

but still i say,
"here i am, send me"

 i was not planning on writing all of that. i was planning on telling you that my grandparents are here, and its my maw maw's birthday! :)
happy birthday maw maw! :)
but now you know my heart. I don't show it often.

happy monday!
how are you spending your day??

(photo credit: here)

p.s.-- i feel sick. and im ok with that.

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