Friday, February 4, 2011

DIY: head-band!

I made a head band for my baby cousin! i haven't gotten to meet her yet, but mom will be visiting them this next week, so im sending it with her as my first-ever baby-gift! (i feel so grown-up;)

here's the tutorial for it. it's super easy to make if you've got a hot-glue gun and cute fabric! :)

What You Need:
fabric to make your flower
fabric (or a button) to roll up and put in the middle of your flower
fabric to wrap your elastic in
hot glue gun and glue sticks
something round that you can trace

What to Do:

1. gather up your supplies!

not pictured: scissors and fabric to make the center of the flower
pictured but not used: bottle of glitter and thread

2. trace 5 circles in the fabric for your flower (i used remnant pieces) and cut them out.

3. fold four of the circles in half, and then in half again (into fourths). hot glue the bottom tip to keep it from coming undone. hot glue the tips of the four circles into the center of the fifth circle.

4. simply roll up the other fabric (again, remnant) for the center of the flower. or you can use a button. :) i thought i had a button, but i didn't. this is me improvising!

5. lastly, hot glue the rolled fabric (or button) onto the center of the flower (where all the points met). and then it will look like this!

6. Now, you make the actual head band:
take the elastic and measure it to fit around your head (remember that it stretches!). mine was for a baby, so it was really small. my measurements wont help you. :)

7. take your fabric (i used remnant lace: surprise!) and wrap the elastic all the way around and hot glue the beginning and end and anywhere in between if you stop.

8. once your done wrapping, hot glue the two ends together and cover with fabric (any will do). then, hot glue your flower on at an angle. because it's cute when babies have big things on the sides of their heads! :)

and this is what it looks like on my model:

here name is gorgeous jo.

so there you go! let me know if you make this!

+ tonight, i also made this. super easy:

i bought clearance ribbon (of course) and wrapped it around the top of a bobby pin, hot gluing as i went.
see how easy?? :)

love you all!

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