Friday, February 25, 2011

plan your work, work your plan

i have something to share with yall!
and so i'll get right to it.

i read jerimiah 29:11, and, for some reason, i read understood it in a whole new way.
i've always read the verse like this:
 "For I know the plans I have for you (you know, plans for the rest of your life. not now)," declares the Lord(that part was always cool to me, that he declares it). "Plans to prosper (I'll succeed, but maybe not always. either way, i know he wants whats best for me) you and not to harm you (i had never really given this part much thought); plans to give you a hope and a future (a future. not a 'now')."

but, it took on a whole new meaning last night when it popped up on my blog page and i just so happened to read it (because, no, i dont always read the verse on my blog. i dont blog everyday!).
I realized that i am living my plan now. i never realized that. did you realize that?? yes, God has a plan for us, but our plan doesn't begin in the middle of our lives. it starts when, you guessed it, we're born! :)
and you know what else?? he has plans to prosper me, not to harm me.
that's huge for me right now.
and not prosper me like, make me rich/make me popular/make me succeed. he's works all things together for my good, because i love him. and he loves me.
and his plans are to keep me from harm.
but that doesn't mean i wont face harm or trials or problems. but his plan is to keep me from harm.
so, my plan is happening now. and it doesn't involve harming me. in fact, it invloves giving me hope and a future.
this verse is no longer a 'memory verse' from sunday school days, and I really hope this is making sense to you!
but now, i realize

-that im living (present tense) the plan God has for me.
-he declared it himself.
-it's a plan to prosper me and not harm me, even though i will face hard times.
-it's a plan that gives me a hope. a hope in jesus christ.
-a plan that will give me a future, and that should make me excited about serving God for a long time, but  should, by no means, take away from the 'today-plan' that im living.

you are living your plan right now.
right this second.

what are you going through??

are you prospering?? thank him.
are you facing harm or persecution?? thank him.
are accepting the Hope thats been given to you?? thank him.
are you excited about the fact that the plans continues for the rest of your life?!?!? THANK HIM!

plans for your future-    not: something to wait on by sitting around and saying, "i dont know what to do with my life"
                                     is: something to be excited about, because it's just an extention of the plan you are living now!!

you are living your plan, right??
or, are you just living??

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