Friday, April 29, 2011

going on

Hello, everyone.

You all at least know that I live in Alabama, and hopefully you all know about the tornadoes that hit on Wednesday. Well, I live about 10 min. from the biggest part of the destruction. My family and I are fine, thank Jesus! Some people though....well, some 280+ people are dead; over 400 people are unaccounted for; and people are still salvaging what they can from their "homes". I won't get into much detail now (I made a video I can show y'all later) but these past two days, we (my family and one other family) have been doing all we can to help Tuscaloosa get cleaned up. However, this is not something that a matter of weeks, even months can fix. This will take a few years, I believe.
It's so sad. Behind every demolished house is a story of someone who lost their home, their belongings, and, possibly, a loved one's life.
We've met some sweet people through this, but I hate it had to be under these circumstances.
It is so cool, though, to see our town pull together like it has!

I wrote this, but it's nothing spectacular. I just had to get some of the images from my mind down on paper! Maybe this will give you a glimpse at some of the devastation until I get time to post the video:

Exodus 3:13-14

The flowers still grow. The most amazing things survive. Unlikely and true.
Roofs hang by wooden thread, the linoleum floors stand at ninety degree angles.

The butterflies still fly. They live the happiest days of their lives. Carefree and joyful.
Cars flipped over on their sides, pennies and nickels stuck in wooden planks.

The sun still shines. Warmth brought to the earth, reminding you to smile. Constant and beaming.
Tops of trees clipped like grass, possessions strewn about a devastated city.

Birds still sing. Melodies and harmonies, all of nature sings along. Praiseworthy and noble.
People dead; children lost; homes un-insured; lives changed forever.

I AM WHO I AM. Who Was, and Is, and Is To Come.

Despite all of this, though, we have to keep going! Only through God's power can we conquer something this huge, and we are helping/cleaning/working in His name! PLEASE pray for Tuscaloosa, Al, as well as the neighboring towns/cities who were affected by this. Please pray for God's provision for all of the needy families. Please pray for his name to be made great in this tragedy!
Thank you all.
I love y'all!

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