Wednesday, May 11, 2011

the may basket

hello, loves :)

in my better homes & gardens issue for the month of may, they wrote about the May Basket, which i had never heard of. but, basically, it's this secret giving of a basket filled with flowers or other goodies to someone special or a neighbor. it's a tradition from a loooong time ago, and it's rarely done today. some of you may have never heard of it!

so, i've decided to bring it back to life! in my neck of the woods at least.... :)

join me in what I call a "To You Basket" givaway!

Get a basket, big or small, and fill it with whatever you like! You can do flowers, candy, a small Bible, cookies, sweet treats, flower seeds, ANYTHING! nothing too big or expensive- just a nice little surprise for someone to find. :) Also, you may want to consider putting a little note inside telling them about yourself, if you don't them; or about Jesus, if they don't know Him. :) After you fill up your basket and make it look puuuurdy, give it away!

The givaway lasts from today, 5/11/11, till next wednesday, 5/18/11.

*Don't forget to take pictures of the baskets and email them to me! I'll put them on the blog!*

I hope someone does this with me! I love things like this :)

I love you all!
Happy May!


Caroline Duncan said...

sounds like fun!!!
I'm gonna do it!

Shelby Grace said...


Christie said...

I LOVE things like this too! And I LOVE your heart! :)

Shelby Grace said...

Thanks! and thanks for stoppin' by :)