Monday, May 16, 2011

waiting in white


hello, loves :)
i'm sorry i haven't blogged in a while! i've been out of town with my youth group this past weekend at our purity retreat. we stayed at a cabin on a private lake and had some really great girl time. ;)

at the end of the trip, all the girls who signed the purity commitment got a purity ring! i didn't get a new purity ring because i wanted the one i have to be the only one i have.

now, do you all remember this sweet story i told you about a few weeks ago?? well, my mom, and a few other friends, all worked to make me my own purity charm bracelet! how awesome?!?!

the night my mom gave it to me, andy (the dog) ran away for a little while, so we left the purity trip for about an hour to go find him. thankfully we did! anyway, the night this happened was also the night all the girls got their purity rings. while mom and i were at home getting the dog situated, she gave me the bracelet!

she walked into the kitchen and set a stained, wooden box (courtesy of anthony) on the counter. i had just got done petting the dog, so, naturally, i was on my way to the sink to wash my hands. :)
"What's that?" i asked.
"Open it and see," my mom said, smiling.
I quickly washed my hands and walked over to the box. i didn't know what was going on! when i opened it, and saw the bracelet (thanks mrs. shawn!), i knew immediately what it was. we had just got done reading the bracelet story at the purity retreat, and i was so excited!
she quickly told me that the whole bracelet was made especially for me. it even has an "S" on it! :)

now, in case you didn't read the bracelet story, i'll explain:

the bracelet is a charm bracelet, with each charm representing a different action of love. each of the charms is removable, and the only rule is that whoever you do one of the particular acts of love with, you must give them the corresponding gem.

my bracelet goes like this:
it starts with an "S", for Shelby, and it cannot be removed. next is a granite charm, which represents the first time i hold hands with someone. a pink quartz follows, representing my first kiss. the green emerald is next, and it represents my first boyfriend. after the emerald, in the very center of the bracelet, is a cross, representing Jesus, and it cannot be removed either. a pretty pearl is after the cross, representing the first time i tell a guy, "I love you." after the  pearl is a ruby (my birthstone!) and it stands for my first engagement. next is a diamond, which stands for the first time i say "I do." lastly is a mini diamond ring that signifies marriage, and it can't be removed either.

so, whenever i act upon my "love" for someone, i have to give them the gem that goes with the act.
this drives me to not act upon my feelings frivolously, because those gems are valuable.

but not more valuable that the purity is stands for.

my goal is to give my future husband every charm. i'm trusting God to give me discernment with the guys i choose to like and date, as i'm coming up on my 16th birthday.

when i was 12, i went on my first purity trip, got my first purity ring, and signed a purity commitment contract, which stated that i would remain pure until marriage. this bracelet has made me realize even more-so how valuable my purity is, and how it is not something to give away without thought.

i choose to wait in white.

maybe girls who read my story or the bracelet story will choose the road of purity till they're married!
if so, please know that you don't need to sign something or have a ring or a bracelet to make your decision real. the ring, the bracelet, and the contract, all represent something far more important and valuable.
they represent you and your purity.

your purity is a marvelous gift that God has given you. it's your body, your hopes, your dreams, your thoughts, and you very heart. it's your secret; something you should reserve for your husband only. you will never regret choosing to remain pure.

i never will.


okay, well, I hope you all have a great week!
my mom left about an hour ago for a beach trip with some of her girlfriends. :) I hope they have a great time!
meanwhile, i'll enjoy unusually cool weather and beach trip envy. ;)

i love you all!
happy monday!

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