Wednesday, September 7, 2011

more fruit!

hello, loves. :)
 as i said in my post last night, what better way to try to live out the character of Jesus Christ, than to live out the fruits of the Spirit. Jesus Christ lived out every one of them in some kind of way , and I've found references in the Bible to show you. You see, God's not asking you to go through or endure anything he didn't go through or endure. And he endured all things, and has overcome the world, with these characteristics as his guide for how to act:

How did Jesus show love?? Absolute love?? By dying for us. Now, don't tune me out here; don't pretend you have nothing more to learn through the death of Jesus Christ because you've heard it a thousand times. Scripture says that while we were still sinners, Christ gave himself for us. In other words, you didn't accept Christ before he died for you. He died for you, while you still had no knowledge of him. And even if you did, you were corrupt and born with sin. You're heart truly hated God. That's a fact, because you can't draw near to God, who is Absolute Goodness, without resisting the Devil. And while you were still a sinner, with no knowledge of Christ, you didn't resist the Devil, nor did you want to; you were not drawing close to God.
So, while our hearts still hated the idea of a Savior who had authority over us and demanded our lives in return for his Glorious sacrifice, he "chose to take the sinner's crown, as he placed His crown on us." That's love.

I racked my brain trying to find a time when Jesus showed joy, or perhaps even laughed. But I couldn't think of any. That's not saying that he didn't, or even that it's not written down in the Bible somewhere. It's saying that I don't have any knowledge of it. :) However, as I thought of times when Jesus might have been joyful, his baptism came to mind. Luke 3 talks about it. You most-likely know the story, but it says that when Jesus was baptised, the heavens opened up, and a voice from heaven said, "You are my dearly loved Son, and you bring me great joy.” I could say that because Jesus and God are the same person, Jesus and God made this statement......but I don't think so. :) My thinking is this: Think back to whenever your parents, or just your father or mother, has told you that you bring them great joy. It makes you feel joyful, right?? It makes you feel good, accomplished, worth something, and important. Any of those feelings are bound to put a smile on your face.
Now, I don't know for a fact that Jesus actually smiled and felt joy in this moment, bu I know that Jesus was fully human while also being fully God. In that way, I think we have something in common, and I'm using my brain to make the assumption based on my human nature and Scripture to conclude that this made Jesus very happy. It probably encouraged him. And who knows, maybe Jesus really needed that "pick-me-up" encouragement from God. And what father, if his son needs encouragement, is going to ignore him??

ok, well, this has taken alot longer to type up than i thought it would! but I love studying about the way Jesus lived!! right now, however, i think Jesus would want me to my school work. :)
so, tomorrow I'll get back with more fruits of the Spirit, and how Jesus lived them out.
I'd love to hear your thoughts on this! Please comment!

just remember that Jesus looooves you, and wants to live joyfully!

i hope you have a greeeaaaat wednesday!
i love you all!

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