Wednesday, February 8, 2012

hoping for the hopeless

hello, dears!

This will be quick, because I've got some ACT prep to accomplish before I babysit, but I wanted to tell you something!

I just ordered two homemade Valentine cards from Hope for Hearts ministry, which I plan to send to my sponsored children, Watch and Nabwire Rose!
This ministry was started by a 10 year old girl named Riley Dreyfus after she and her parents spent time in Ethiopia, Africa adopting her new little brother, Cooper.

This ministry has the goals of:

-supporting all types of orphan care and/or prevention
-helping other organizations and ministries to carry out their work

If you're in the States, today's the LAST DAY to order these cards in time for V-Day! So order some!!
Or just make a donation. :)

Also, I got another letter from Watch a couple of days ago!
He is doing well. He attended a camp that his school arranged. He goes to school everyday, and the project activity on weekends. He prefers the Old Testament to the New because they have movies that go along with the OT stories. :)

So, that's the most recent news about Watch. I haven't heard anything from Nabwire. :( But I'm praying that she is healthy and happy! :)

I hope you all have a fantastic Wednesday!
Maybe stop and pray for the orphans today?

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