Wednesday, February 1, 2012

i do not deserve this.

hello, dear lovies.

it's raining here! lots of wetness. perfect for drinking coffee though. :)

i got a letter from Watch the other day!
The project worker wrote that Watch was gone to run in a race in another school district! how wonderful! He was able to stay there for two nights. I hope it felt like a vacation for him. What a blessing from God.
He also said that Watch's mom isn't doing well. She's had a headache for the past year. :( He asks that we pray for her. Of course, we will!

Getting letters from my sponsored kids is such a blessing. Getting to write to them is such a blessing.
Getting to drink coffee in my room while it's raining, feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, listening to my cat purr on my bed.....that's a blessing too.

noticing a trend??

The Holy Spirit has been allowing me to understand things about blessings lately.
blessings are undeserved. we are not entitled to them.
and sometimes, we (I) think certain blessings are really just "givens" in our relationship with God.
but they're not.

an example of this would be feeling the presence of God.

Lately I've not been feeling God at all. That doesn't mean he wasn't there, but it made for a rocky 3 months.

Now, when I do feel him, I rejoice and take big gulps of what seems like Holy air! He's here! He's always been here but now I feel him! I realize this is a gift that could be taken again later, so I savor it. I'm thankful, beyond thankful for it.
This is a blessing, because I do not deserve God's presence. I am not entitled to feel him near me.
This is a good gift to me. Good gifts come from good Fathers.
Good gifts are based entirely on the giver, not the receiver.

Now that he's shown me the truth about blessings in my life, I see them all around me.
They are all things that I don't deserve.

That narrows it down to EVERYTHING.

Let's remember that today. Let's let it make us thankful.
Not only thankful, but filled with awe. At the good gift-giver. The good Father.

oh how He loves you! how He loves us so!
happy wednesday!


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