Friday, March 9, 2012

so excited, not gonna hide it

hello, loves!
oh, how i've missed you!

since i last posted, a lot has happened:

- i got my Hunger Games tickets!

- i went to Disney World!
(pic-chas here)

- i went o Sea World!
(pic-chas also here)

- God has done neat things in my heart and mind.
I truly had some of the best "alone times" with God on this vacation. I loved pouring myself out into my journal, reading Scripture, and hearing what God had to say about my feelings and thoughts at the time. He would remind me of exactly what i needed to remember, and teach me new ways to think and act.
I was completely washed anew in the jaw-dropping reality of the goodness of God!
He is SO good. His blessings are completely undeserved by me.

But God is so loving, dears. He died for me. That in itself is more than enough, for all of eternity. But then he decides to give me sweet and amazing and godly friends who uplift me, encourage me, and challenge me. He gives me things to be excited about, things to laugh about, reasons to smile. And these blessings not only bring me joy, but Him too! Why?!?! I don't know!
It's just Love. He just loves us that much.

He's also been reminding me that we are just passing though this life. The things that bring us happiness now may not last, depending on what they are founded in. And the sadness, heartache, and depression won't last. The circumstances won't last, nor will the struggles.

So if this life is like a breath, why does God take the time to bless us and make us happy??

I'm at a loss for words.

Not a loss for answers, mind you, but words.
I know why He does it. He does it because He's God and God is love.
To some, that may not sound like a real answer. But if you know the Creator, you know that it is answer enough.

God is the answer, and he is indescribable and uncontainable.

He placed the stars in the sky and he knows them all by name.

Who are we, mere mortals, that he thinks of us?
Why does he call us friends?
Why does he bless me?

I can't tell you anything other than Love. God is Love.
And it makes my heart sing! It makes me truly joyful and thankful and awkwardly happy (or so I'm told). :)

And He's uses oh-so-yummy Scripture to show me these things!

- Isaiah 45 has completely changed my life. I feel like I have just discovered the most precious treasure of all time.........oh wait. I have!

- Proverbs 4:18-27 has reminded me of the necessity and urgency of righteous living. Sin is not something to play with or underestimate. It's something to flee and anticipate.

- Psalm 46:5 has hit me right where I've needed it several times this past week.

- And lastly, Proverbs 31:25. What a verse. If you're a girl, go read it. If you're not a girl, go read it.
For me, as a girl who struggles with worrying over (literally) everything in her life, be it who I'm going to marry or when I'm going to clean my room, this verse has been THE Bread of Life for me.
I can laugh, not worrying about or fearing my future. God's will is going to be done! He's sovereign! There is nothing to fear!
I can laugh now. I can enjoy and share the blessings I've been given. I can be thankful for them.

My heart is so light and happy, loves. It's even better than the warm & fuzzy feeling I get at Cracker Barrel. Obviously. :)

I hope you have (or had) a fantastic spring break. Enjoy the people and things God's given you. Remember that you and I deserve none of it. Let that humble you and make you thankful.
Then share it and shout it out! God is Love!

i love you all!

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