Wednesday, June 27, 2012

just the nearness of You

hi, loves :)

i hope your week's going well! mine has been full of craftiness that has served to bring me out of my depression slump. (told you i wouldnt be down long)

i've painted flower pots yellow and white (happy colors), planted an herb garden in those pots, made my small group leader (who's getting married!) a prayer blanket (with the help of my senior-high girls!), made the 5th&6th grade girls in my VBS crew paper-sack scrapbooks, and have been working on/designing the wedding programs for my small group leaders wedding!
creating things makes me happy.

side-note (and this can be my sadness rant for this post), the console in my daddy's truck is totally empty. :( it usually hold papers, his mp3, coins, and super bubble gum. now it holds nothing--except for i put a bag of goldfish i put in there today in case i get hungry later. and because the emptiness was depressing me.
his dresser and bathroom counter are also cleared off. nothing that he uses daily is out for us to see anymore.

ok! sad rant OVER!

i read alot in my Bible last night, but the funny thing is I can't even remember all that i read. i know i read some in Joshua and Matthew...and Psalms and Proverbs.
Even as i read last night, the words of God weren't what was keeping me reading. i wasn't reading anything i hadn't read before and God didn't really show me anything new....through the Words.

However, He did reveal himself anew to me just through His nearness. I felt so close to him just laying there, reading about things he had done or said, even if they didn't really apply to me. I would read, then pray some, and read some more, and pray again. It was a good time with Jesus. Feeling His presence isn't a requirement to know that God is present, so when I do feel Him- his nearness, sweetness, tenderness- i am extremely grateful.
It's just one more reason to love Him all the more!

i hope you all had a happy wednesday!
i love you all!

p.s.-- just thought you needed to laugh:

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