Monday, July 29, 2013


and if you're having trouble trusting, don't let yourself fail. Grab yourself by the shoulders and shake. Shake until the mind in your head connects with the heart in your chest and you remember.

Remember who God is. Remember your place, your adoption into his family. You belong in this Kingdom of Faith. 
Remember who your Father is. Remember your inheritance and how he's always blessing you. He delights in you, every single part.
Remember how he spoke the stars out of his lips and told the waters where they could and could not go. Does he not have more control over your life than this?
Remember the lilies, the daffodils, and springtime, when everything is blooming and bursting with new songs. 
Remember how intricately he created each blade of grass and each tiny ant. Does he not care about the smallest details of your life even more? 
Remember how small you are- yes, you are small. You are not insignificant, but small. You will not ruin everything, you will not "miss it". Nothing is as big as it seems. 
Remember to zoom out and remember how small you are, how small life is, and how great eternity will be. 
Remember that God is good and gracious and big enough to get your attention, and he will. When your heart is wide open, his love can flow through and direct you in any way he chooses. 

and when you tell yourself this, stop and sit. 
Smell. See. Touch. Taste. Hear. 

Live. Live abundantly. Worship the King. Love the people. Do your best. Have fun. 

Always remember to do that. 

and stand back up. and continue. 

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