Tuesday, February 25, 2014

promised land

Sometimes you just have to take a chance.

You have to take the chance that looks so good, but might be bad. Or, maybe not bad, but not quite the best. 

But it's still a chance. You take it because it's there and your hands are open wide. The chance could fill your hands like a rock, or it might slip through your fingers like sand. Isn't that the essence of chance?

You could say that chance is bad for you, unhealthy even, but when has chance ever been that? Chance is salty, exciting, vibrant. Chance foreshadows a sweet resolution. 

But on the other side of chance is reality. Reality could be gloom or greatness-- you don't know. 

But you take the chance, you jump the tracks, you write the check and pray it cashes. 

If it cashes, then the Giver of the good gifts had lead you right into the promised land. 

And if it doesn't cash, your account isn't empty. Truly, your money has simply been put into reserve for something greater-- a better promise. A better chance.

So take the chances and carry your mind in one hand and your heart in the other. Eventually you come to the chance that will lead you into your promised land. This chance, this sacred chance, might not feel much different than any of the other uncashed checks, but as soon as it clears it will become evident--

this was your chance. 

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