Thursday, March 20, 2014

just under your nose

Where did the sweet days go
When did the honey stop dripping
Why did the lights go out
These eyes can't see far in front of me

When did the breathing get hard
Who decided to complicate things
How much farther do we travel now
How much harder are we pushing

Whose rules are we following
Whose lantern do we walk by
Who do I give these flowers to
Who made these goals so high

If I don't know where to go
If I don't know where up is
If I can't tell you my name
If I can't promise you anything

Will you try to hold on
Will you walk with me in the black night
We can use both of our eyes
Maybe we'll find the source of the light

Maybe we'll find the honey
Maybe it's been dripping all along
Maybe we've tasted too much 
Maybe we need more God. 

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