Saturday, March 29, 2014


One day I'll pack my bags. One day I cash out my savings, take all my money with me and go. One day I'll open up a map and point somewhere and set my compass in that direction. One day I'll spin a globe and stop it with my finger and go to that very spot.

Middle of the ocean? Doesn't matter.

One day I'll drive miles and miles and get a postcard at every stop. One day I'll change dollars into quarters and make phone calls on pay phones in so many cities. One day I'll send a letter to my family with the return address left blank because who knows if I'll be here tomorrow? One day I'll learn to live on skill and if I'm a good waitress then I'll do that. If I can carve pipes out of cherry then I'll do that. If I can tell stories with my words and give them to you on paper then I'll do that. One day I might do it all. 

But one day I might meet you. And on that day I'll stop saying one day and I'll start saying today. 

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