Sunday, January 31, 2010

Feeling Bleesed

Hello! I just wanted to keep you in the loop considering this is a blog on my life. It hasn't bee too interesting though lately. Sorry. haha!
Today is Sunday and my family and I went to church and we ate lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant, El Rincon, or El Kmart as we like to call it because it's in the same shopping center as Kmart. haha! Then we came home and I read a book, slept and watched TV. :) It was a good day. :)
I have this feeling though. A blessed feeling. This morning my pastor preached on money, not every ones fave. topic I know, but it was very insightful and truthful. He talked about how we tend to feel stressed and like we don't have enough when we don't get the things that we want or things we need. God promises to give us just enough and that has to be good enough for us. When I think of all I have, not just material possessions,but also resources, family, friends, and my faith, to name a few, I can't help feeling blessed. I guess the reason no one really likes to pair money and God together is because it makes us feel guilty, like we're not giving enough or something like that. We are called to give 10% of our income to Christ,which already belongs to Him.I think once we understand that we are not in charge of our life or our finances, life will become a lot clearer and God will be put on on His pedestal where we falsely put our worry about things that don't amount to much. By giving dutifully and generously, we exalt Him. And He loves to be praised!

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