Thursday, March 25, 2010

8 Days and Counting....

Yes, my title will be the same till April first. :) haha, I hope everyone is having a good morning so far. Guess what?? I'm actually dressed for the day! :0 Usually I stay in loungy clothes till I have to go somewhere but today I thought I'd get dressed so I would feel more awake. It's not working yet... But anyhow, today's challenge is a hard one, don't go on facebook anymore. Yeah, this morning I just had to get on.... haha, but no more today! :) I figure it's good to take time off from knowing what's going on around you. I'm spending the day in reality, not cyberspace.
*Yesterday worked! It wasn't hard for me to not drink anything but water because I usually drink water or milk only. I planned the "only drink water day" for Wednesday because we have a coke machine at my church and it sure is tempting to get some Mountain Dew..... but I didn't! Yay for Shelby!
Today is going to be really busy, I've got school, the homeless lunch, cleaning, walking, Brown House, and then rehearsal. Oh My!! I sure hope I can do this.... :) Have a great day everyone!

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