Wednesday, March 24, 2010

9 Days and Counting...

Only 9 days left till I veg-out!! :) Today, its supposed to be really warm outside so I am going to the park with some friends. I'm excited; it'll be nice to run around and get some exercise! Today's challenge is actually beneficial to running around, sweating, an huffing and puffing; drink water only today! While milk is super good for you, sodas and sweet teas are not. Sodas actually dehydrate you. That's terrible! That's why today, I am only drinking water. :)
*I was amazed at how many simple opportunities came for me to be kind. I just don't pay attention to being kind or conscious about weather or not I'm being rude when it comes to little things. haha, that will change. I enjoyed not thinking about myself; it was a new change of back-of-my-mind scenery, for lack of a better way to put it. :)
Anyway, school first, of course. We won't go to the park till later.... I hope everyone has a nice and warm day! I'll take pictures and post 'em later!

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