Friday, March 19, 2010

Come on spring!

Actually, it'll be here tomorrow. But today's challenge is to wear spring clothes no matter the weather to will spring to get here! haha. I think it's warm outside today so it won't be bad! I love spring. I'm getting so tired of cold weather, of course I've never really liked winter a whole lot. I hope you all have a great day and warm day! :)
*I completed the challenge for yesterday! I gave Brantley the remote and didn't ask for it from him even once! :) And I got so much accomplished yesterday because I didn't watch TV. I got my birdhouse painted (pics to come), I cleaned out the recycling bins, cleaned out mom's truck, and cleaned out my bird bath! I don't really like birds a bunch, I just like outside projects. :)
Today is busy, busy, busy....We have lots of errands to run, I have to clean, and then I have Tom Sawyer performance at the gymnastics meet tonight. And I get free tickets to go to the meet! Yay! :) Today will be a good day!

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