Thursday, March 18, 2010

goooooood moooooorning!

Good mid-morning! :) Today is going to be a challenging day. I have decided to surrender the remote to Brantley all day long. This will be hard but, it will give me time to do other things.
*yesterday's challenge obviously worked, you can see that in my last post.
Sorry I have nothing to post guys, I'm trying to hurry because I have to get ready to go babysit. See ya later! :)


Chrissy said...

Hey Shelby. I started cleaning my closet. Not so well. Have a huge pile of close to take to the thrift store in the middle of my room. Tupperwares full of stuff. And I still can't walk in my closet. Thinking I failed your challenge.

Shelby Grace said...

haha! Well, I have to admit, i had given my closet a pre-cleaning before I did this challenge, so maybe that's cheating?? either way, I ended up wih a whole lot of trash to throw away and clothes to give to goodwill. I feel so organized now. :) haha