Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rain, rain, I kinda like you today.

Remember how I said it was all gloomy here yesterday?? Well, today it's even more gloomy. I heard thunder all through the night and this morning. It didn't bother me, I actually kind of enjoyed it. I got to sleep later because my mom was still sleeping. She probably thought it was still night time. haha She's got the darkest room in the house. And, I have no where to go till tonight so I get to enjoy the peacefulness.

Today's challenge?? Say 5 kind words to 5 different people. mmmm, sounds pretty simple, depending on the people I come into contact with today at church. :) But, God will help me; He knows I'm not the friendliest person, but, to be honest, I've grown out of it some. I do like to be around people now, just not all the time! :) haha

*weeeelllll.... yesterday's challenge went ok.... it was hard, and there were a few times where instead of arguing I just held my tongue. Unfortunately, that was mistaken for ignoring people so I had to calmly explain that I didn't speak because if I would have, I would have been very harsh. So, I didn't argue but I did get frustrated at times. But, I think that's allowed.

No matter the weather today yall, have a great day! If it is rainy, try and stay inside. It's very comfy!

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