Thursday, March 11, 2010

Oh my! It's gorgeous outside!!

Hey yall, if you live in the south, you need to go outside right now because it's hot! I love it!
Today's challenge, for me, is to be completely sincere in my serving. Thursdays are my serving days; I serve at my church and at an after school program. So, today's goal is to be sincere and as compassionate as I can be! :) If this doesn't apply to you, be sincere anyways to whoever you talk to at work, school, etc. Or you can do a carry-over of last night at say only kind words to five more people. Speaking of last night...
*I said 5 kind things to 5 different people! Goal accomplished! :)
And a friend of mine answered one of those weird question things on facebook about me; she said I had the biggest smile! That makes me happy! :D haha, that's kinda cheesy...
Have a happy day everyone!

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