Monday, March 8, 2010

This is the day that the Lord has made,

that's reason enough to be happy! :) Well, let's get started with today's challenge because it's mostly what I want to talk about. So here's challenge number three: Accomplish as much school today as possible! Now, this may not apply to some, so you can change it to fit your occupation or household chore duties. haha Just don't be lazy today and try and do as many productive things as you can! :) I am not behind on my school, but, I have nothing else to do today. So, I am going to try and get even more ahead! :) I sure hope I don't lose the zeal I have this morning later on today when I'm doing say math or history.... :) Have a great day yall!

*recap of yesterday! I spent time with my family last night and yesterday at church I went out of my way to talk to someone. So far, all goals completed. 2 down, 29 to go!

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