Thursday, April 29, 2010

Can you beleive it??

I'm done with school!!! Well, almost done. All I have left is math and science, which I am behind in, so I will be working on that through May, which still isn't really bad. It will feel so wonderful to not have school work looming over my head when I go to bed tonight.
My life no longer revolves around this!
(look down)
Needless to say, the reason I haven't been posting lately is because I have devoted all of my time and energy into getting my school done. Now my imagination has taken off, and I have concocted so many plans for the summer. While I'm not catching rays at the beach I plan to do little crafty things and simple projects around my room. I already have one in mind to do even before summer. I can't give too many details away because it's mom's Mother Day present. I'll post pics once I give it to her though. I know, you're probably thinking, "yeah right" because I always say I'm going to post pics and I never do. But I will post one of this and I will also get around to post pics of my fishy once I get a new fish bowl. The one she is in is so small and unflattering, I'll wait for a better habitat. As for not getting pictures of my painted bird house on here, there are no birds. :( very sad, yes but, it's only April. Perhaps there are late blue bird movers in my neighborhood. hm. I'm sure I'll hear chirping outside my window soon. :) I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow, since it's too late to wish you a wonderful day today. I hope everyone gets to accomplish everything that they need to get done and that it is a stress-free day. I'm also hoping, and praying, that my day will be likewise. :)

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