Saturday, April 24, 2010

I got a goldfish!!

This is not my goldfish, but I haven't gotten a chance to take a picture of her yet. Her name is Dotty, and the history behind that name is a long story. She's related to a meteor though.... :) I actually got her as a party favor from my cousins birthday party. He turned three and had a carnival themed party so, goldfish prizes seemed appropriate. Me, Jordyn, and Brantley all got one. Brantley named his (or her??) Bubbles, Jordyn hasn't named hers yet, and mine is named Dotty! :) She's a sweet little goldfish. She even knows her name. When I say, "Dotty," she swims in circles. :) She's very smart. Hopefully I'll be able to keep her alive!! haha.... I'll take a picture soon to put on here. Have a great day!

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