Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I don't know why I'm doing this.

I guess you could say I'm bored. But I'll tell you anyway that I have begun to like to read. Yep, Shelby likes to read. Who would've guessed, right?? Not me, but I have found three writers, in particular, whose works I can read(and enjoy). They are Francine Rivers, Karen Kingsbury, and Lynn Austin. So, just for your enjoyment ;), I will list all of the books that I have read by them. And I would like to further encourage you to read them! Trust me, if I can make it through a book, you can too. Here's the list, in the order that I read them, per author:

Francine Rivers- The Atonement Child
The Scarlet Thread
Redeeming Love (a MUST read!)
Mark of the Lion Series (A Voice in the Wind, Echo in the Darkness, and Sure as the Dawn)
The Last Sin Eater
Leota's Garden (currently reading)

Karen Kingsbury- Forever Faithful Series (Waiting for Morning, A Moment of Weakness, and Halfway to Forever)
Lost Love Series (Even Now and Ever After)
Shades of Blue
Firstborn Series-Baxters Series #2 (Fame, Forgiven, Found, Family, and Forever) *I've only read Fame, but it was great!!

Lynn Austin- Chronicles of the Kings Series (Gods and Kings, Song of Redemption, The Strength of His Hand, Faith of my Fathers, and Among the Gods)
Refiner's Fire Series (Candle in the Darkness, Fire by Night, and A Light to My Path)

I didn't realize how many books I had read till I wrote them all down, or typed them all up. :) I hope you get the chance or find the time to read at least some of these books. Trust me, once you pick them up, you cannot put them down! And the best part is they are Christian fiction, so you don't have to worry about anything bad being in them. :) I think the only book in this list that is not a romantic novel is The Last Sin Eater. I really didn't think I would like it because romantic novels get my attention and keep me entertained, in a clean and Christian way :), but The Last Sin Eater was probably one of my favorite books ever! You will love it, no doubt. :)

I am also going to include my top 5 favorites. How can I do this?? I'm not sure but here 'goes:

1. Redeeming Love
2. Mark of the Lion Series
3. Atonement Child
4. The Last Sin Eater
5. Chronicles of the Kings Series

I'll probably regret making this list later because I'll think, " How could I have picked a top 5??" or, " I should have picked this one instead of that one." Oh well. They're all amazing!! And, p.s., I cheated. :) I picked a top 5, but some of them were series so I really have a top 11. ;) whoops....

sorry for such a long post.

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