Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Oh, how I love getting answers to prayers!!

Even if they do seem a little sketchy. haha, let me explain. I have a friend who's been in some trouble lately, and I have been praying hard for her. Today, over an FB conversation, she told me she's been clean and sober for over two months! That's huge for her and I am so thrilled to see God working in her life. However, she's in a relationship that just took a huge step forward (in good way??) and I'm not sure what the right thing for her is. I wish I knew God's will, because then, I could tell her and everything would go well! But, that's not how things go sometimes and all I can do is keep praying that she'll (1) stay clean and (2) listen to God above anyone else!! I'm also praying that I will be a light to her, even though today was the first day we've spoken in months! Even if it doesn't seem like I'm having an impact on her, I'm going to keep trying because that's what God calls me to do!! If you will, keep me and her in your prayers. Pray for guidance for her and influence on her for me. Or just pray whatever God calls you to pray, who am I to argue?? :)

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