Thursday, April 1, 2010

So I saw the Last Song last night...

It was so good!! This is one of the few movies I've seen that I had previously read the book. It was so cool seeing all the characters I read about come to life and compare what I thought it would look like to how the movie turned out. Now, I'll be honest- I was a little skeptical of Miley Cyrus' acting capabilities at first, but as the movie went on, I found myself really believing her. She really did a great job and so did all the supporting actors and actresses. I would definitely go and see it! It's also worth buying on DVD. By the way, it's PG. When was the last time there was a PG movie, not animated, that was good?? Have you seen a pattern lately with the new movies?? They seem to be more family friendly....I think Hollywood's getting the hint. Go see the Last Song!! Also, check out the reviews from Plugged In Online!

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