Thursday, May 13, 2010


pretty, Lacy, delicate doilies. This past Mother's day, at my grandmother's house, I saw something really pretty on the arm of my grandmothers chair. I picked it up, admired it, and then she walked in and proceeded to explain to me that it was a crocheted doily that she was going to fix. There were a few little pieces of string coming loose here-and-there, but it made it look so old, like it had been used a hundred times. It was a lovely yellowy/off-white that made it look old, like I just said. Finding that precious little doily made me think of all the times in Sunday school when I was little when we would draw on the cheap paper doilies for our mommas on Mother's Day. Then I realized how much I loved doilies. I'm going to have them all over my house, when I get one. I really wish I would have gotten a picture of my grandmother's, but I can get one when I go back to her house. In the mean-time, I'll leave my self to look at the lovely doilies I find on google.

Covering a vase with a lacy doily! brilliant!!

Beautiful doily garland found on the Little White Book blog.

Doily rug! how cool!!

these are just a few pictures to look at, sigh over..... :)

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