Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I have a busy, busy week ahead of me, and it's only Tuesday.

First we have to clean @ Monica's twice, then get the house ready for company for Jordyn's after graduation party, and we have to cook the food for that and get the cake. We also have to decorate her table for the reception at the church where she is graduating, I have to work the homeless lunch along with Jordyn, we have church tonight, my grandparents are coming into town with crawfish so we have to get ready for the boil on Friday.... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! I'm spinning out of control. not really, I think we can get through it. :) or I hope we can. I hope every one's week goes well and is not too busy or stressful for you. Oh and by the way, I am done with school except for math and science! yay,yay,yay,yay,yay,yay,yay!! I am so excited!! :)
Annnndddddd....... we accomplished Mom's Mother's Day gift. I say we because it was a group effort between me and Jordyn and Brantley. That was interesting experience, but we got the job done! And hopefully it will be ready soon! I can't wait to see it; I will post pics as soon as we give it to her. After all, it's a surprise. :) Have a lovely day!
May the fourth be with you.

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