Friday, May 28, 2010

lye-free soap??

A grown up friend of mine asked me to be on the look-out for any recipes for homemade, lye-free bar soap. I don't know about you, but I don't usually happen upon things like homemade, lye-free bar soap recipes. do you?? didn't think so. So, I do what I do best (almost best), I researched!
Here is the fruit of my Google search:
So, it didn't pay off. :( Mrs. Elesha, if you're reading, I'm sorry. I guess we'll have to have a soap making party and reluctantly invite lye..... What is lye anyway?? Well....
Lye is a highly concentrated aqueous solution of potassium hydroxide or sodium.
(ummmm, definitions, please.)
aqueous- containing water
potassium- a silvery-white metallic element...whose compounds are used as fertilizer and in special hard glass.
hydroxide-a chemical compound containing the hydroxyl group
(Does that help??)
Everyone have a wonderful day, and spread your new-found knowledge of lye to everyone you know! They will thank you for deepening their brain hole. :)
Mommy and Jordyn are home!!!! Yes, all is right with the world.
+ it's mommy and daddy's anniversary. Hello, 16 years!


eergle07 said...

Shelby...I am just proud to have been called a grown up!!! I have been waiting for that comment my whole life!!
Sadly...we can't make good soap without lye...oh well, I am going to keep searching, I am just thinking that there has to be a way...tallow, maybe? Hmmm...Thanks for looking for me, and we are gonna have a soap making party no matter what!!! LOVE the blog!

Shelby Grace said...

Thanks Mrs. Elesha! :) And we really do need to plan that party!