Saturday, May 29, 2010

Today is my Sabbath.

In the book of Genesis in the Old Testament of God's Holy Word, we read the story of creation. We read how God spoke all things into existence in six days and took the seventh day to rest. We are also commanded to rest one day of the week (Sabbath) and keep that day Holy. A lot of people think that the Sabbath is strictly Sunday. While I don't believe that, it doesn't really matter. God doesn't specify and to me, if it's not a salvation issue, it's something I'm content to wait and ask God when I get to heaven. I say all that because I just thought we needed to be reminded to take a day and rest during the week. No matter what day it is. It's really good for our bodies and our Spirits. Today is my Sabbath because tomorrow, instead of a regular church service, my church is doing what we call "Sunday Serve" which is where we go out and we serve in whichever way we want according to the marvelous gifts God has given us. We are heading out to the Brown House, which I have written about before, and we are doing things from cooking them lunch to planting them a flower garden! I am going to be helping them with the garden because you all know how much I love to plant things! I can't wait; tomorrow is going to be super fun and I get to see all my friends!! :) So, if you haven't already taken a Sabbath this week and you know you'll be busy tomorrow, go ahead and relax today. The laundry and the dishes can wait. Trust me, they're not going anywhere. :)
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