Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I feel like tea.

I could really use some hot tea right now. but, not just any tea, the tea at Starbucks, whose name I cannot remember. that's probably going to make things difficult next time I order there. :/
Hello! I hope you all are good. I am too. I've babysat all day long. from 8-4:45. Long time. tomorrow will be even longer. at least I like the kids I'm watching, right?? haha.... it's really not bad at all. I actually like it! It just wears-you-out! tomorrow, two of the girls I babysit and I are going to give each other makeovers and then dress up like the characters from the game Clue. They made me be the old maid....haha:) but, it'll be fun!
Beach in 4 days!!! not long now, I can see the light....
Have a lovely evening everyone, shelby
P.S.-- a friend of mine from the Busy Beaver had the COOLEST idea, like, almost ever. Read her post to see what I mean. It involves recycling coffee, that's already made!! :0

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