Tuesday, July 13, 2010

good to see you again...

I'm back from the beach!
It was ab.so.lut.ely. am.az.ing!!!! The services were incredible and the worship was great! On the last night, we actually had worship out on the beach! I'll include more details in the youth blog so, if you want to know more, go there. :)
I hope you all had a good weekend too! I missed blogging about everything that happened. There's definitely A LOT of interesting things that happened that I would have like to have told yall. :) Now it's back to babysitting till school starts. :) but at least I got to go to the beach. If I ever get stressed, I'll just think back to that night on the beach were me and God talked and had a really nice conversation.

Have a lovely day everyone! :)
p.s.-- I skycoastered... :) SO MUCH FUN!!

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