Sunday, July 18, 2010

i'm a slacker

sorry I haven't been blogging lately. It's been busy around here!

Friday was my birthday and I had had such a wonderful day! I did have to work for half the day, but after that I got my permit and had a party! I was(and still am) so excited about getting my permit! Daddy took me out driving yesterday around the nearby neighborhoods and I LOVED it! haha :) My party was just a small family party with two friends. We had a blast though and my mommy made me some delicious cupcakes! The picture below is not one of my cupcakes but I liked the picture. ;) My 2 friends that came spent the night that night and we made cookies, popcorn, and a chocolate facial mask that was absolutely HORRIBLE for your skin, but really fun to play with! :)

(yes, it was edible, but we didn't really eat it! gross...)

And Saturday the youth group went tubing down the Cahaba River.

The water was freezing cold, beleive it or not, there was hardly a current so we had to paddle the whole way, it rained, there were drunk people EVERYWHERE(it was like all of Bibb County decided to go tubing on the same day we did) who were smoking and using the f-word just about every other second, I was too tense to relax in my tube for fear of snakes and other yucky water creatures, and there were rocks. Very sharp rocks under the water that scratched me whenever we went over the unadvertised rapids. But, I'll stop there because I hate to complain. ;) Plainly said, I would not recommend doing that EVER to ANYONE!

And today we actually didn't go to church because I was so tired. I woke up in time to get ready and then realized that I might fall asleep while Pastor Bill was preaching. So, I thought it better to stay home, rest, and go to church tonight, which I am SO excited about! The Daraja Children's Choir is going to be preforming at our church tonight at 6! I know it's a little last minute, but if you want to come, please do! There's no reservation necessary! Just show up and enjoy the worship led by precious children of God.

Well, I hope your weekend was good! And, look out--

You may see me on the road someday. ;)

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